Behind The Scenes of Fresh Train Co. (09/26/12)

To all of our readers,

As some of you already know, this isn’t the type of blog where I disclose stories about my personal life. However, every so often, I do like to jump on and explain what has been going on behind the scenes of Fresh Train Co., our recently launched clothing brand. The reason I like to do this is because I believe that keeping you informed creates brand awareness and excitement. Making sure you feel involved is a great priority of mine, since after all, I did create the brand for you.

I’m hoping by now, you’ve all seen our official website. If not, I highly suggest taking a look as it’s a great place for you to check out our story, lookbooks, inspirations, etc. It was launched back on July 18th and we were happy to do so with a private party on The Thompson Hotel rooftop in downtown Toronto.

Anyway, here is what’s going on behind the scenes of Fresh Train Co. today. In short, we’re currently looking into carefully releasing a new collection of strapback and snapback hats. We will continue to feature our signature hand-sewn wooden and chalkboard letters on the front, however, there will be an additional hat to be sold at a lower price. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these hats, stay tuned as a limited quantity will be dropped near the middle of October. Sneak preview: A black and brown leather-brimmed snapback is to be released in the upcoming collection.

In terms of clothing, we have found ourselves a new manufacturer located just outside of Toronto. This will ensure that our products are hand-made in Canada and we will be able to provide our customers with quality garments. Expect there to be a combination of cotton and lambskin leather in the next few pieces to drop.

We’d like to apologize if there is any delay in the dropping of new items, but as a young brand, we are in the midst of finding the appropriate manufacturers for our products. Once we do so, we will get the ball rolling and have new pieces available on our online store for you every so often.


Guillaume Viau


Jaden Smith – “The Coolest” Music Video

14-year-old Jaden Smith released the music video to his new track, “The Coolest.” The young rapper/singer lays an impressive flow whilst sporting the iconic Fresh Prince hi-top fade, so I highly suggest checking out what he’s got.