Fresh Train Co. – Behind The Brand Pt. II

Twenty-five days from now, Fresh Train Co. will be having it’s official launch party at the Thompson Hotel. This private event will be held on the rooftop, where I will be sipping champagne as the brand’s first collection is released.

Anyway, I promised a second Behind The Brand post, so here it is. I’ve been following my dream of starting a clothing and accessory brand for the last year or so, by never not working and learning from those who inspire me. On that note, I’d like to give a big shout out to Brendan Fallis, my big bro Alex Viau, and both Dee and Ricky. They’ve taken time out of their busy days, and continue to do so, to help me strive and understand the industry.

Immediately following the launch of the brand on July 17th, I will be opening the Fresh Train Co. x Gare Centrale online shoppe at I thought it was finally time to design a website and store, where you can find all of our pieces and learn more about the company.

With a new project every day to ensure all is ready for the launch, it’s exciting to see the ideas I’ve had for so long finally become a reality. You can expect some snapbacks, tank-tops, t-shirts, 3/4 sleeve shirts and tote bags to be available online.

Enjoy your weekend!


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