The Story of my Life over the Weekend

This photo was taken last Tuesday at the Rogers Centre when the Blue Jays hosted the Washington Nationals. Thanks to my homie for the great tickets behind home plate!

The ferry dock at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on Lake Ontario. Went to the island for the day on Friday to wash some boats for a little cash and soak up the little sun that was out!

Dad decided to make some strawberry sauce when I got home from the island on Friday. He took this photo specifically for my blog so I hope someone takes inspiration from this and makes their own sauce one day!

On Saturday afternoon, I stopped by Crows Nest in Kensington Market where my homie from Spy Optic was putting on an event with the barbershop. I casually enjoyed some home made guacamole, a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon and some tacos, while my brother was hard at work filming.

Spy Optic just released a vintage inspired collection called CROSSTOWN. I highly suggest checking out the line as they’ve got some retro-looking frames, which are perfect for this summer!

I was on that Dee and Ricky Casio time while floating in the middle of nowhere on Lake Ontario.

A necessary accessory for when I go boating.

It started to rain so we took our Father’s Day dinner family gathering inside to enjoy a nice home-cooked meal. Hope everyone treated their Dad to something nice on what was a grand Sunday.


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