Three Days in New York City

On Sunday morning, my Parents asked my brother and I if we were interested in going to New York City for a few days. I don’t know anyone who would turn down a trip to NYC, so the flights were booked and we were all off to the city that never sleeps. Here’s a recap of the events that went down between Mon-Wed. Enjoy!

With no Hotel booked as we landed at JFK, we were stoked to grab two rooms at the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo. S/o to my Dee and Ricky Blue Jays x Starter duffle bag to the left of Fresh Train Co.’s (YYZ) x High Five City (NYC) collaborated snapbacks, which I gave to Dee.

On my Brother’s birthday, a few Oysters were ordered at lunch time to celebrate, as we dined at Balthazar Restaurant outside our hotel.

One of my favourite photos of the trip. Came across a man Golfing in the middle of street with milk cartons. Only in New York City.

As we celebrated my Bro’s birthday on Monday night with our homie DJ Brendan Fallis at SoHo house, the free photo booth was put to good use. Thanks to Brendan for letting my brother and I use his Music For Champions computer to DJ for an hour or so! Shit was fun.

In the Afternoon on Tuesday, my girlfriend and I headed to Dee and Ricky’s Homecooking in Brooklyn (503 Myrtle Avenue). Ended up catching up with Dee and chilling there until 11pm. I suggest checking out the Restaurant if you’re ever in that end of town.

Considering it was my first time ever playing, I got my ass kicked in Street Fighter on XBox. Definitely trying to learn and figure out the controls in the photo below haha.


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