Interview For UK Based The Ladies Toilet

I’d like to shout out my long-time friend who started the UK based site The Ladies Toilet, an online trend magazine, which takes the pulse of the rapidly beating London scene and reports back. According to her website, their “cameras snap the pictures of the people and the places; monitoring everything from the street style of our mismatched generation to music reviews, fashionably and the occasional chronicling of current events.” The other week, she reached out to me with interview questions in regards to both the FRESH TRAIN blog and brand.

FRESH TRAIN is a brand created by 21-year old Toronto native Guillaume Viau. Through his unique and inherited sense of style, Gui aspires to inspire others with the collections of clothing and accessories he releases.

Collaborating and working with his brother, graphic designer and videographer, Alex Viau, the dynamic duo design their FRESH TRAIN collections in the spirit of creativity and originality.  Building an individualistic community is of great importance for the two and they “strive to do so through a simple, yet unique view on design, style, fashion, and life in general.”

Novelty and exclusivity is the duo’s focus and commitment for all FRESH TRAIN pieces as well as only producing a limited quantity of each design within every collection. Always looking for new and imaginative projects, “we’re constantly looking to expand through various collaborations with unique like-minded brands.”

Why did you start a blog?

To share all the cool shit I come across, both on the Internet, in my city and around the world. I aspire to inspire and honestly, it’s one of the easiest ways to voice my opinion on certain interests such as fashion, music and culture. But, at this point, I guess I’m also using it as a platform to showcase my individuality and promote the FRESH TRAIN brand.

How would you describe your brand of clothing?

Being versatile is of importance to me and the clothing aspect is the foundation of the brand I’d say. Once that is set into place, I can expand into various inspirational realms from hand-made pieces to high-end collaborations. The brand itself though, I’m just going to say it’s cool. Yeah… don’t wear it unless you want to be cool.

How would you describe your own style?

A little while back, I would have used the word different. But different is pretty cliché and has almost become normal these days. So I guess it’s inimitable. My style is like rare and unique combined.

Who’s your favorite designer(s)?

Fashion-duo Dee and Ricky from New York City. We stay in touch and hang when I make it down to NYC. They’ve definitely inspired my moves into the industry to date. They just know what’s good and all around fresh. The versatility of their brand enables them to design cool shit from Lego hearts to Velcro sneakers and I dig that.

What trend are you really into at the moment?

I’m three trends ahead of the current trend (laughs). I’m just playing. However, in order to push and forward fashion, you do have to be a step ahead of the present. That’s word to my ability to foresee the future I guess haha.

When shopping for clothes, what do you look for?

I always look for something unique that seems to have a story behind it. Usually stressing the importance of authenticity and where the inspiration of a certain piece came from. Also, it doesn’t matter what brand it is either ‘cause it’s not what brand you wear, it’s how you wear it.

What celebrity do you most associate your style with?

The chic aspect of my style is like Lil Wayne meets Dee and Ricky.

Check out The Ladies Toilet to continue reading ->


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