Dee & Ricky // Introducing The Gaming Veloster

Dee and Ricky, the New York City fashion twin duo, recently took us through the green and black Gaming Veloster, featuring a 40″ TV connected to both Xbox 360 and Kinect, with additional screens and controllers in the back seat. Click play to watch the Coolest Kids in America do their thing in the RE:MIX Lab.


Bobby Kim • Overworked ≠ Undervalued

Bobby Kim of The Hundreds reminded himself on his Tumblr of the value of having a good job, very much appreciated content! Take a second to read and think it over. The following videos are from his interview with The Hue, while he was down in Vancouver, British Columbia. Enjoy!


Don’t complain about your job.
Because at least you have a job.
Don’t cry about how hard you have to work.
Because there’s someone else who would’ve loved to have worked twice as hard.
To have a job, to be able to work, especially these days, is a privilege. Nobody is entitled to a job, no one is promised a living. You have to earn it, you have to fight for it. So treat your work with respect, have pride and honor in what you do, no matter what it is.
What kind of a life is one where you don’t value your contributions to the world? It’s a waste of life, it’s a waste of space.
And if you really do hate your job, and if your work sucks that much, then quit today and start anew. Just remember that a job — work — is a huge opportunity to make a change in your life and that of others. Plus, you get paid money to do it. How cool is that?
This is just another reminder to myself.

Posted by Kayla Mann

Hoodie Allen – “James Franco” Video

Back in July 2011, Hoodie let his fans decide which videos they wanted to see of his Leap Year project (mixtape). Overwhelmingly, the people wanted to see visuals for the song James Franco. As an artist who respects and appreciates the love from his fans, Hoodie recently went to Hollywood to film the music video and give the people what they wanted. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and if it’s not in your iTunes yet, click here to download Leap Year.

/// I recently shipped Hoodie both colourways of our collaborated Frsh City snapback hat and just received a note from his saying, “thank you so much for the snapbacks they are sick and getting ton of use.” Thank you for repping them!