Sitka • A West Coast Brand

FRESH | “Sitka was established in 2002 by Andrew Paine and Rene Gauthier.  Since that time, we’ve grown a full men’s and women’s clothing line, a skateboard line and a full quiver of surfboards to stand up to any condition.  We’ve grown into a tight-knit family thriving off each others’ stoke, and are always looking ahead to our next adventure” – Sitka Website. I got to do some shopping at the Sitka store while I was in Vancouver, BC. I really dig their stuff, so I was stoked to pick up a few tees and hoodies. Definitely check out some pictures from their lookbook below!


Download Your Fresh Train Wallpapers

FRESH | Sup everyone? You may have visited the ‘Downloads’ page within the last few days and noticed nothing had been uploaded yet… well four Fresh Train wallpaper designs are now up for you to see including a link which will direct you to Mediafire. This is where you will be able to download the folder with the full size backgrounds. Or click Fresh Train Wallpapers to go download now! Enjoy.

Powder Mountain • Whistler Cat Skiing (Two)

MY LIFE | As you already know if you saw the post before this one… I went cat skiing yesterday. Here are some more pictures from my day, which were taken with my iPhone so I apologize if the quality isn’t as good as the other ones. Thanks to my buddy @mikeheni for letting me borrow his ski’s for the day. You can check out his website out Enjoy the pictures!

Powder Mountain • Whistler Cat Skiing

MY LIFE | I had the amazing opportunity to go cat skiing with my dad and brother today up here in Whistler, BC. We went with a company called Powder Mountain and it was truly incredible as it was a blue sky up until our last two runs. Being up in the mountains with less than fifteen people, fresh powder and an amazing view was definitely an amazing way to spend my tuesday. I would like to give my mom a shout out for giving us the perfect Christmas gift. These following pictures were taken by the group photographer, which is why I will be making a separate post for my iPhone shots haha. Enjoy!