Heal The World • Be The Change

FRESH | These kinds of videos truly interest and inspire me as they help spread the word and encourage people to make a difference. There are so many things one person can do in order to be the change; you just have to be determined and not only say what you are going to do, but actually do what you say you are going to do. I will be taking the initiative to post videos such as this one from now on in order to hopefully motivate and encourage others to do good within their community or around the world. I hope you pass this message on to others!


Wanderlust Hotel by Asylum

FRESH | “Originally built as a school in the early 1920’s, Wanderlust is now a modern, boutique hotel. Located in Little India, Singapore, the hotel was recently given a makeover by interior designers Asylum. The multi-award winning designers worked within the theme of “industrial glam” and seem to have certainly fulfilled that brief having not shied away from neither bold colors nor mixing an array of mismatching furniture.” – Alex Milner (Hypebeast)

Photos from Hypebeast

Free The Children • Me To We

FRESH | Here are two promo videos for Free The Children’s trips to Kenya. It is truly inspiring to watch these which is why I felt the need to share it with you all. As some of you already know, I went with this organization last summer to Kenya and it was the greatest trip of my life. I would highly suggest going in the future or at least looking into it as it is an incredible experience! If you have any questions about the organization or trip, feel free to email me or leave a comment. Have a great day!