Music for Champions

FRESH Born and raised outside of Toronto, Canada, Brendan has called New York City home since late 2007. Following his communications degree and a career as a professional freestyle skier for Team Canada, Brendan soon found his calling by mixing music and fashion. A consultant for emerging fashion brands, Brendan used his connections to help morph an enjoyable talent into an extraordinary career. With his high energy, great knowledge of music and impressive mixing skills, he has quickly become one of North-America’s most sought after DJ’s. He also happily donates his time to charities including Music Unites, helping teach under-privileged kids about the empowering aspects of music.


Make Life A Game by Rennie Ellis

FRESH | Just straight up graffiti. Really dig these and I hope you do to! The photos were taken by Rennie Ellis, and he said on the shots that, “It occurred to me one day that, like the common cold, graffiti was hard to avoid…it struck me as worth recording, if for no other reason than to document a minor” – Rennie Ellis. Check out his website to see more.

Photos by Rennie Ellis