The World Is The Human’s Project

HUMANITARIAN | These children are an inspiration. Their constant enthusiasm and motivation to accomplish their dreams and goals have truly inspired me to go for mine and believe that anything is possible no matter what barriers I may face. To be honest, I don’t think I can find the words to describe these unbelievable and grateful kids, that will do them justice. But what I will show you, is a poem that I wrote while out there after meeting them for the first time. Enjoy!

Staring in ones eyes
There the truth lies
A smile so bright
Can light up the night
The connection between us
Grows stronger by day
They always seem happy
And just want to play
Their love and passion for all
I sincerely admire
To see them excited
Is my deepest desire
May god be with them forever


Inspired, Motivated & Changed

HUMANITARIAN | Over the course of the three weeks in Kenya, we got to see a lot and be a part of the community in every way possible. The first couples pictures are from the water walk, which we did with a local community Mama named Ester. After this walk, I realized how much water is truly wasted in North America and many other parts of the world. It frustrates me to think about how people do not realize that water does not come as easy as turning on the tap everywhere in the world and take it for granted! The walk inspired me in many ways and since I have been home, I have ‘staggered’ my showers, which I encourage everyone to do. The walk can sometimes be up to 6-8km and is usually done three times a day by the Mama’s. In the middle set of pictures, we were working on the Free the Children garden as well as tree planting. In the last few, Felix, our Massai Warrior on the trip, was doing weapons training with us, which was extremely fun! Hope you enjoy.

Through My Lens • Kenya, Africa

HUMANITARIAN | I’m back from my remarkable trip with Free The Children in Kenya and I guess it’s safe to say that I am pretty overwhelmed with getting back into the city life. I would love to write about my experience right now to share it with you all but as you can imagine, there are no words to describe what I went through, yet! During my three weeks in the Massai Land, my life changed for the better when I met some of the most amazing, grateful and inspirational people. As the journey will be sinking in over the next few weeks, I can only hope that my story reaches you all and not only inspires you to think change, but to also be the change. Enjoy the pictures below and I promise there are many more to come with children, locals and the group I went with in the near future!