Three Weeks in Kenya, Africa

HUMANITARIAN | What’s up everyone. As you may or may not already know, I am heading out to Kenya tomorrow for three weeks. I am heading out there with an organization called Me to We (Free the Children) to build a school! The journey really began earlier this week when I received a list of what to bring. Ha! Having to get the perfect amount of everything is definitely important as I will be living out my backpack. I’m not really sure exactly what to expect but I can only imagine how amazing it will be. Unfortunately, I will not have internet once I get there which means I won’t be able to post pictures on a regular basis. But, as soon as I am back, I will take you through my trip with all that I captured! Thanks for dropping by as it is always appreciated. Peace for now!


Captured Moments of New York City

MY LIFE | Here are some pictures from my short trip to NYC. Seeing the Statue of Liberty from up close was definitely so sick and the Yankees game was dope. My favourite shot is of the kid taking a self picture with the most amazing hat and sunglasses purchased at the statue’s gift shop. Ha! Of course I had to take a picture of the Scranton sign as my favourite show “The Office” takes place there. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

New York City Roadtrip

MY LIFE | Back on the road again, but this time to New York City to drop my brother off for his internship out here. Four of us packed the car yesterday and started driving with the iPad maps directing us. Wasn’t too bad of a drive once we started playing ‘angry birds’ and ‘air hockey’ on the iPad! I think the most exciting part of the drive though was stopping for dinner in Scranton, Pennsylvania, as it is the home of Dunder Mifflin in The Office. Check back in for some pictures of NYC within the next few days!

Action Seats at the Blue Jays Game

FRESH | Hit up the Jays game today with my homie @JoshAbramson. We had these ballin’ out action seats with free hot dogs, drinks, snacks and of course, an amazing view of the field and players. A win would have topped off this day but I guess that was too much to ask for. My brother was not as lucky with his seats as you can see in the last shot haha!