Fresh Hotel On Lake Como

MY LIFE | So, after losing our two rooms at a hotel in Switzerland yesterday due to a few misunderstandings, we drove back to Italy as the hotel helped us find this dope hotel on Lake Como. Everything at this hotel was fresh so we were stoked to have stayed there instead! At breakfast this morning, had the pleasure to sit beside the famous musician Billy Joel, which was pretty sweet. In the afternoon, we rented a boat to check out the scenery and got a picture of George Clooney’s vacation home!!¬†Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Couple Hours in Verona, Italy

MY LIFE | While driving by, we obviously had to make a stop in Verona, Italy. Having read Romeo & Juliet all through high school, I thought it’d be pretty cool to check out the famous balcony. For the couple hours spent there, I must say it was really nice to see! Check out the pictures of the balcony and the arena. Although not as big as the one in Rome, this arena is the 3rd biggest! Also, the last picture is all i’ve got from Switzerland so far. Peace!

My Time in Venice, Italy

MY LIFE | We arrived in Venice a couple of days ago and stayed for three nights. It was incredible to see how everything is built here! I learned that the tide goes up really high about nine times a year and everyone has to walk around in rain boots because there is water everywhere, even in stores and restaurants. During our stay, the word around town was that Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp were spotted as there was a movie scene being filmed with Depp. The last picture I added was not taken by me but I just wanted to show you what it looks like when the tide is high! Enjoy.

The Clinic Movie

RNDM | While we were having dinner last night in Venice, we had the great opportunity to meet an executive producer and his wife from Australia who had a film at the Cannes Film Festival called The Clinic. We basically joined both tables together and talked away for hours and had an amazing time! Always fun to meet new people on trips like this from all over the world. Check out the movie trailer below. Enjoy!

Manarola in Cinque Terre

MY LIFE | These are some pictures of my few days in Manarola which is located in Cinque Terre, Italy. Had an amazing view from my room and enjoyed some sick walks right by the ocean. We also had the chance to meet two wonderful people, who were supposed to take us out on their boat tour called Angelo’s Boat Tour but unfortunately, the sea was too rough. To make up for it, they made us dinner at their house right on the beach! They were so much fun and I definitely will never forget them.

The Cannes Film Festival

FRESH | Here’s some pictures of our day spent in Cannes, France during the film festival. Was really cool to see the set up and how many people came out for it! Pretty sweet to see so many people driving in their Rolls Royce and Ferrari. I guess it was the place to show it all off for a few days. On another note, the last picture I posted is the 11th largest private yatch in the world. Hope you enjoy the pics!